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Life Stages

Kellands Professionals are specialists in building and managing retirement plans, and will show you how to make the most of your assets throughout your retirement.

A career’s savings, ultimately needs to sustain you in retirement. Whether you are taking steps towards retirement, or you are already there, the importance of getting your income and investment strategy right cannot be overstated. Building an efficient income across your various accounts, with a properly managed investment strategy is an art.

An hour’s meeting is hugely informative to sense check your current set up, and to gauge whether further value could be added by a specialist. Click here to get in touch.

Our Team

View Profile Chris Bull

Chris Bull

Chartered Financial Planner, Head of Kellands Professionals

View Profile Andy Bradford

Andy Bradford

Independent Financial Adviser

View Profile Ian Boasman

Ian Boasman

Chartered Financial Planner

View Profile Charlotte Knight

Charlotte Knight

Chartered Financial Planner

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